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Wentworth Institute of Technology & Local #17 J.A.T.C.

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Wentworth Institute of Technology
Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local 17
To deliver to the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local 17 an Associates’ Degree in Engineering Technology (AENT) program.
Time Frame
Program would commence in the Fall semester of 2011. Participants will graduate in approximately 1 ½ years.
Delivery Format
 Program will be delivered in hybrid model. Two courses meet every other Saturday for 4-hours each from 8:00am – 5:00pm. Each course also has an online component. Each 3-4 credit course would encompass a 15-week semester. The 60 credit program could be completed in less than two years (5 semesters); this time frame is based on journeymen or apprentices transferring in a minimum of 26 credits from their Apprenticeship Training Program.
Cohort Size
Cohort size will be no fewer than 18 students, no more than 25.
Program of Study
Associate’s Degree in Engineering Technology for the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association Local 17. This reflects the transfer of credit from the Apprenticeship Program. Courses from the Local 17 Apprenticeship Program have been reviewed and approved in 2011 by faculty at Wentworth Institute of Technology.
Admission Process
The articulation agreement allows Local 17 members, who are journeymen and current 4th and 5th year’s apprentices to apply to the AENT program, and must meet the following admission criteria:
Ø      Complete an on-line application
Ø      Official high school or GED transcript
Ø      Official College transcript if applicable
Ø      Complete the on-line math placement
Ø      Union membership Card
Ø      Certificate of completion from Local 17
Tuition for Associate’s Degree in Engineering Technology program would be offered to Local 17 Apprentices and Journeymen at a 33% discount off our prevailing tuition rates.
Financial Aid
Wentworth Admissions office has Financial Aid service counselors. 1-800-222-9318 (or 617-989-4020)
Local 17 – Boston Training Center and Wentworth Institute of Technology.
Book and Materials
Students would be responsible for purchasing all books and materials for the courses. These would be available through the Wentworth Book Store on campus.
Faculty would be provided and compensated by Wentworth.