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Articles from Vote for Gilbert & Becker's Job at Harvard University Tozzer Library

Magazine Features CDA's Motor Management Best Practices

Plain and simple, copper makes motors more efficient. Read our tips on how to run your industrial facilities motors more efficiently.

Copper: Material for a Modern World

This new video produced by the International Copper Association, ICA, provides compelling evidence of copper’s unique role in sustainable development and how the copper industry is committed to positive actions addressing many of mankind’s greatest challenges.

Copper: Investing in Our Planet's Future

This is the second video in the International Copper Association’s campaign on copper’s contributions to sustainable development. The video shows how copper’s incredible properties enable energy-efficiency initiatives that provide value in many ways, including mitigating the effects of climate change.

SE at a Glance

Downloadable infographics highlighting copper's role in wind and solar energy, energy storage and electric motors.

Emerging Motor Technologies

An overview of copper's role in helping three emerging motor technologies become more efficient. Industry experts, motor manufacturers and end users all contribute to provide the reader with factual information that should be of interest to those working with and purchasing motors.

Copper Use in Renewable Energy Expected to Increase Dramatically as U.S. Legislates Upgraded Energy Policies

In 2012 renewable energy accounted for over half the new capacity installed, according to President Obama’s climate change action plan. Due to copper’s inherent properties and its preferred use in renewable energy systems, this shift in the national agenda also presents a significant opportunity for growth for the copper industry. (May 2013 Issue of "Mining & Power" magazine)

Electric Motors

Electric motors are found everywhere in commercial facilities and industrial plants, where they power fans, pumps, compressors and exhausts as well as manufacturing and assembly equipment.

Copper Rotor Motor Featured in Energy Efficient Emerging Technologies Website

Washington State University's Extension Energy Program features the benefits of the copper rotor motor.

Motor Failure Policies and Purchasing Specifications

This three-part series focuses on reducing energy cost and downtime by instituting a motor management plan. Part II, addresses the general aspects of motor management plan, including the first steps of creating a motor inventory and guidelines for motor repair and replacement.

Current and Projected Wind and Solar Renewable Electric Generating Capacity in the Domestic Market

The Copper Development Association conducted a study and examined renewable energy (RE) production, including land-based and offshore wind; residential, commercial and utility-scale photovoltaic installations; concentrating thermal-solar electric plants; and geothermal plants.