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Protect Wages for All Massachusetts Construction Workers


Across the Commonwealth, contractors are circumventing the state’s prevailing wage laws, thanks to a glaring loophole that allows them to pay workers on public construction projects as little as possible. We’ve fought this loophole in the Massachusetts State House before, and we need to end it for good.

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Special Order of Business Union Meeting on July 13

Dear Brother and Sisters, Please be advised there will be a “Special Order of Business” union meeting to: 1. Allocate raise due on August 1, 2021 2. Regular order of business will follow This meeting will follow State Covid-19 guidelines and will take place in the...

Thank You For Standing With New Hampshire’s Working Families

Brothers and Sisters, These past few months, "Right to Work" threatened our wages, our benefits, and our livelihoods in the Granite State. If passed, New Hampshire workers would have lost up to $10,000 in wages not to mention training and safety standards that keep us...


Dear Brothers and Sisters: Please be advised there will be a “Special Order of Business Meeting” to: 1. Allocate raise due on July 1, 2021. 2. Regular order of business to follow. Please make every effort to attend. DATE: Thursday, June 17, 2021 TIME: 5:00 PM PLACE:...

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Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 is a building trade union representing more than 2,700 skilled and licensed workers throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. We stand together as the most highly trained professionals in the industry, bringing top safety standards and quality to every project.

Local 17 was formed in 1896 so that men and women working in the sheet metal industry could bargain collectively for better work standards. Today, our members enjoy dignified contracts, industry-leading wages and healthcare, and a sound pension plan they can count on after retirement. 

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