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Corporations have launched an attack against New Hampshire’s hard-working families by pushing so-called “Right to Work” (RTW) legislation. This law would favor big corporations, and could cost our families about $10,000 per year.

We need to act today. The State Senate voted 13-11 to pass RTW, and we need to fight hard to halt it in the State House.

Email your representative and tell them to protect Granite State wages and benefits.

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TODAY FROM 1-3 PM: Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine

Brothers and Sisters, For today only, a limited number of COVID-19 vaccines are available to members of Local 17 regardless of eligibility. 45 doses are available. Immediate family members of Local 17 members are also eligible to receive a vaccine. No appointment...

TOMORROW: Testify Against “Right to Work”

Brothers and Sisters, Tomorrow, we have the chance to protect workers and unions across the Granite State. We are up against powerful corporate interests, and our strength is in our numbers. We urge you to add your voice when the New Hampshire House Committee on Labor...

Help thank our supporters fighting to stop RTW!

Brothers and Sisters, Thank you for doing your part to protect working families and taking action to halt "Right to Work" (RTW) here in New Hampshire. We know that in RTW states, the median family income is about $10,000 lower than in non-RTW states. That’s a pay cut...

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Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 is a building trade union representing more than 2,700 skilled and licensed workers throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. We stand together as the most highly trained professionals in the industry, bringing top safety standards and quality to every project.

Local 17 was formed in 1896 so that men and women working in the sheet metal industry could bargain collectively for better work standards. Today, our members enjoy dignified contracts, industry-leading wages and healthcare, and a sound pension plan they can count on after retirement. 

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