We’re proud to create opportunities for hardworking students and help put them on the path to success.

In April, Local 17 had the pleasure of awarding 29 substantial scholarships to local high school seniors and college students, totaling $151,000 in both one-year and four-year scholarships. To many students, these awards are crucial in securing higher education, and we are honored to have the pleasure of providing just one stepping stone toward the futures of these young individuals.

2022 marks 39 years since the Local 17 Scholarships Fund’s inception when our members dedicated seven cents of each work hour to the next generation. Since 1983, our union has been able to provide over $2.1 million in scholarship funds and is looking forward to continuing this initiative.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Four Year Scholarship Winners

Cassandra E. Gordon, Senior at Quincy High School
Amount: $16,000 ($4,000 per year)
Sponsor: Grandfather, Frank Serra

Rachel L. McDonald, Senior at Marshfield High School
Amount: $14,000 ($3,500 per year)
Sponsor: Father, Jason McDonald

James Elwell, Senior at Boston Latin School
Amount: $12,000 ($3,000 per year)
Sponsor: Father, Paul Elwell

Grace Kapetanakos, Senior at Weymouth High School
Amount: $10,000 ($2,500 per year)
Sponsor: Father, Angelo Kapetanakos

James M. Mackin, Senior at Weymouth High School
Amount: $8,000 ($2,000 per year)
Sponsor: Father, Joseph Mackin

Memorial Scholarship Winners
$4,500/One Year Scholarships 

Sarah Johnson, Student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Joseph J. Nigro Memorial Scholarship
Sponsor: Father, David Johnson

Elizabeth l. Willie, Senior at Boston Green Academy
Charlie F. Geary Memorial Scholarship
Sponsor: Mother, Areesa Willie

Michael Stallings, Jr, Senior at Westwood High School
James M. Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Sponsor: Grandfather, Nicholas Imbrunone

Lottery Scholarship Winners
$4,000/One Year Scholarships 

Edward J Reilly, Senior Abington High School
Sponsor: Grandfather, Louis Russell

Stella Cortese, Student at UMass Lowell
Sponsor: Father, David Cortese

Daniel A Scolaro, Student at St. Anslem College
Sponsor: Father, John Scolaro

Meaghan Turgeon, Student at UMass Dartmouth
Sponsor: Father Robert Coache

Wyatt T Campbell, Student at Norwich University
Sponsor: Grandfather, Francis Cooper Jr

Courtney Magnarelli, Senior at Burlington High School
Sponsor: Grandfather, Richard Taylor

Hunter K Hugvenin, Student at Trine University
Sponsor: Grandfather, Kenneth Lewin

Zachary C Falasca, Student at Wentworth Institute of Technology
Sponsor: Father, Christopher Falasca

Illyana J Anastasio, Student at Massasoit Community College
Sponsor: Father, Thomas Anastasio

Lily M Mackay, Student at Skidmore College
Sponsor: Grandfather, Frank Serra

Ava J Lescinskas, Student at Merrimack College
Sponsor: Grandfather, Ronald Lescinskas

Michael J Sheehan, Student at Northern Essex Community College
Sponsor: Father, Michael E Sheehan

Layla M Reilly, Senior at Abington High School
Sponsor: Grandfather, Louis Russell

Domenic Kovatsi, Student at Lasell University
Sponsor: Father, Stephen Kovatsi, II

Megan Brown, Student at the University of Tampa
Sponsor: Father, William Brown

Iyanci M Lopez, Senior at Greater Lowell Technical High School
Sponsor: Father, Lenell Lopez

Benjamin DeBoer, Student at Curry College
Sponsor: Father, James DeBoer

Kayla Keany, Student at Regis College
Sponsor: Grandfather, Michael Keany

Brooke Marcotte, Student at Maine College of Art & Design
Sponsor: Father, William Marcotte

Alternate Scholarship Winners
$750/One Year Scholarships 

Sarah E Bennett, Student at University of Hartford
Sponsor: Father, David Bennett

Cole Ricciarelli, Student at Bryant College
Sponsor: Father, Mark Ricciarelli