There’s a troubling loophole in Massachusetts’ prevailing wage law that undermines the stability of our industry. This loophole rewards companies that exploit workers and cut corners on quality and safety. It allows construction companies and temporary labor agencies to misclassify their workers as doing off-site work, even on the job site. It’s a free pass to exploit workers and underpay their worker’s comp taxes.

SMART Northeast Regional Council has been standing up against this injustice, advocating for closing the prevailing wage loophole to ensure all workers receive family-sustaining wages and benefits. Join us in our efforts to close the prevailing wage loophole and provide better working conditions for all.


Legislators can stop this unfair loophole and protect hardworking families. Please take a few minutes to tell your legislators to close the prevailing wage loophole and level the playing field for workers here in Massachusetts by passing H.2046 and S.1189.


We have the power to enact real change for the families and communities of Massachusetts!