The Trump Administration just announced a new plan to gut workers’ rights.

The Department of Labor is proposing a new rule that would make it easier for employers to classify workers as “independent contractors.” This rule would allow more employers to deny workers fair pay, overtime, health insurance, and other key benefits.

But we can fight back. Workers across the country are submitting public comments to the Department of Labor telling them to reject this rule.

Stand with us and make your voice heard before the deadline this Monday, October 26. Visit the regulation website and click the “Comment” button to submit your comment:

Here’s some points you can include in your comment:

  • If the Department of Labor allows employers to classify workers as “independent contractors,” more workers will lose access to fair pay, overtime, health insurance, and other benefits afforded to employees.
  • For years, some employers have misclassified their employees as independent contractors as a tactic to reduce labor costs, which hurts unions like ours.
  • Worker misclassification is common in the construction industry — even more than other industries
  • Contractors who treat their employees right lose when they are underbid by competitors who cheat and cut labor costs by misclassifying workers and avoiding payroll taxes and wage and hour laws.