On Tuesday, November 5th, we’re asking our Brothers and Sisters to get out the vote in the 2019 municipal elections. Our union cards are our opportunity to make a difference, and it’s crucial to make sure you vote.

That’s why we’re endorsing the following candidates who will stand up for working people.

Annissa Essaibi George – At-Large Councilor
Alejandra Nicole St. Guillen – At-Large Councilor
Michael F. Flaherty – At-Large Councilor
Erin J. Murphy – At-Large Councilor
Lydia Edwards – District 1 Councilor
Edward M. Flynn – District 2 Councilor
Frank Baker – District 3 Councilor
Andrea Campbell – District 4 Councilor
Maria Esdale Farrell – District 5 Councilor
Kim Janey – District 7 Councilor
Kenzie Bok – District 8 Councilor
Craig R. Cashman – District 9 Councilor

Tom Reynolds – Mayor
Charles Ryan – At-Large Councilor
Tim Carey – District 6 Councilor
John Mullaney – District 2 Councilor

Paul Brodeur – Mayor

Marianne Walles – Mayor

Tom Koch – Mayor
Noel Dibona – At-Large Councilor
Nina Liang – At-Large Councilor
Anne Mahoney – At-Large Councilor

Robert Hedlund – Mayor
Jane Hackett – At-Large Councilor
Fred Happel – At-Large Councilor
Becky Haugh – At-Large Councilor
Chris Heffernan – At-Large Councilor
Brian McDonald РAt-Large Councilor 
Mike Molisse – At-Large Councilor
Pascale Burga – District 1 Councilor
Maureen Kiely – District 2 Councilor
Artie Mathews – District 4 Councilor
Ed Harrington – District 5 Councilor
Mike Smart – District 6 Councilor

Rita Mercier – City Councilor
Rodney Elliot – City Councilor
Dan Rourke – City Councilor
John Drinkwater – City Councilor
Sokhary Chau – City Councilor
Martin Lorry – City Councilor
David Ouellette – City Councilor
Jeffrey Thomas – City Councilor
Harry Kortikere – City Councilor

To find your polling place, click here.