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Why Membership

Everyone who works hard to make an honest living deserves respect from their employer, both on and off the job. That means being guaranteed safe, suitable working conditions, fair treatment and the family-sustaining wages and benefits necessary to survive as the cost of living continues to rise.

As a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 17, these basic human needs, which for too many are only a dream, are guaranteed to you through a collective bargaining agreement. You do have the right to stand with your fellow workers and hold your employer to a higher standard, without fear of repercussion.

Funds Office

We’re here to assist you in making the best use of your various benefits.
The daily operation of the Funds is maintained by the Funds Administrator and staff located at the Fund Office.

General Information

The Funds Office should be aware of all your pertinent information including your current address, contact information, marital status and dependents.

Keep your benefit beneficiary designations up-to-date.

All claim forms must be completed and submitted in a timely manner. Due to space and time limitations, incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned and/or denied, and must be resubmitted once completed. Forms received after cut-off will be included in the batch for the following cycle.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 Funds Office
1157 Adams Street, 1st Floor
Dorchester, MA 02124
Tel: (617) 898-1301
Fax: (617) 482-1207



(Office hours or online portal payment)

SMW Local 17 members pay annual dues to the strength and longevity of the Union. These funds are used for membership events, staff pay, outreach and more.

Dues Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
First Tuesday of every month open until 5:30 PM

You can pay dues online by logging into our Union Fusion Member Portal.

NOTE: All checks and money orders for dues payment should be made out to NERC SMART 17.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your member number, social security number, and date of birth.
  3. Enter your email address. The portal will send you a temporary password via email to set up your account. 
  4. Check your email and retrieve your temporary password. Then log in through the link provided using your email and temporary password.
  5. Once you’re logged in, enter a permanent password. Be sure to write it down or save it in a secure place.
  6. Verify your personal information and upload a profile picture if you’d like.
  7. Click “Save Settings.” You’ve successfully set up your account!
  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your email and password.
  3. Click “Make a Dues Payment” at the Member Portal
  4. Click the “Pay” button on the item you would like to pay. If you have several outstanding payments, you can click “Pay All.” 
  5. Click “Proceed to checkout.” 
  6. Enter payment information.
  7. Click “Submit Payment.” You can access your payment history on the left of the screen under “My Transactions.”


As a worker, you have a right to quality healthcare, retirement benefits and more. We continually evaluate the benefits we offer and look for opportunities to enhance those benefits while maintaining financially sound programs. Your Board of Trustees continually evaluates the benefits we offer and looks for opportunities to enhance those benefits while maintaining a financially sound Insurance Fund. We depend on you as a member of the Fund, and you should depend on us to provide benefits that meet your needs and are easy to use.

Your benefits plan includes:

Comprehensive medical care for physical health needs and conditions, including annual exams, hospitalization, and surgery provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts;

Counseling, mental health and addiction therapy, recovery programs, drug testing, and referral services provided through the Modern Assistance Program;

Prescription drug coverage through EnvisionRxOptions;

Dental care, provided through Delta Dental;

Vision care, provided through Davis Vision;

Weekly accident and sickness benefits, provided through the Funds office; and

Life insurance, accidental death, and dismemberment insurance.

Please note that all mental health and substance abuse disorder questions should be directed to Modern Assistance. 

Training & Regulation

Union work is mandated on the majority of public projects because people understand that unions set the standard for safety in the industry.
We give our members the best training to make sure that they stay safe on the job and that the final product meets community standards.

New industry technology, training and regulations are constantly emerging, and SMW Local 17 is committed to keeping you informed and up to date with certifications, so that you have direct access to the region’s building boom.

For the latest apprenticeship and continuing ed opportunities, visit


Drug Testing

Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 is committed to delivering the safest, best-trained professionals to any job site, and part of that promise means ensuring that our workforce is drug-free.

Modern Assistance is located at 300 Congress St, Suite 104, Quincy, MA 02169.

Walk-in Drug Testing is available on: 

Monday 10:00 am -12:00 pm (swab & urine testing)
Tuesday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (swab & urine testing) 
Wednesday 10:00 am – 11:30 am (swab testing)
Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (swab testing) 
Friday  10:00 am – 11:30 am (swab testing)

These days will be regular test days each week unless there is a holiday or inclement weather. Any questions please call 617-773-5169.

**PLEASE NOTE** all urine tests need to be scheduled in advance with Judi Melvin-Conners at (617) 797-8000 text/call, or send request to

Retirees’ Club

All retired SMW Local 17 members are invited to join our Retirees Club to stay in touch with your union Brothers and Sisters, and to keep up to date about retiree events, benefits and more.

2nd Tuesday of every month
10:00 a.m. at the JATC Center
1181 Adams Street
Dorchester, MA

If you have questions or would like to attend, please contact James Cortese at

In Memoriam

Find obituaries and ceremony details distributed by families of recently passed brother and sisters.

Albert M. Bourgeois 76 1/13/23
Thomas J. Keane 80 11/3/2022
Thomas “TJ” Bauer 41 10/8/22
Peter E. Joyce 79 9/18/22
Edmund Walsh 91 9/8/22
Robert Eva 83 7/25/22
Richard J. Smith
77 7/19/22
Pedro Pires 27 7/15/22
Pellegrino Tulimieri
102 7/17/22
Frank E. Akerley   7/6/22
Frank P. Buono
79 6/19/22
Paul D. Mann 61 6/13/22
Asbjorn Guldhage 78 5/20/22
John “Jack” T. Collins Jr
80 3/4/22
Robert Cote 91 3/8/22
Daniel Hardy 74 5/6/22
Rene R. Parent 73 5/4/22
Donald Morrell 89 4/24/22
Lorenzo Ruggiero Jr. 79 4/6/22
Bradley Steele    
Arthur B. Rogers
69 2/11/22
Lawrence Gordon 88 2/2/22
Donald F. MacMillan 97 1/24/22
Richard J. Gibbs Sr 89 1/11/22
Charles Darmetko 90 1/11/22
Richard “Dick” Moscato 71 1/8/22
James H. Walsh 74 12/19/21
Thomas Hally 51 12/20/21
Louis J Labadini Sr. 93 12/19/21
Richard Dumas 75 12/12/21
Stephen J. Greenwood 44 12/7/21
Michael Mahoney 62 12/7/21
Lauris J. “Joe” Chase 83 11/28/21
Richard Finnerty 55 11/15/21
Thomas McColgan Dolan 75 11/12/21
John “Jack” Semenuk Jr. 74 11/7/21
Arsene Frappier 75 11/5/21
Dennis Rowe 68 10/10/21
Michael J. “Mike” Gillis 69 10/9/21
Nicholas Makos 95 9/21/21
Robert E. Fitzpatrick 75 9/13/21
Carlton F. Noble 79 8/23/21
Leroy C. Smith Jr. 84 8/21/21
Joel Fairhurst 71 8/3/21
Craig Ballarino 54 7/20/21
Michael Mulholland 43 7/19/21
Thomas G. Albrecht 83 7/17/21
Joseph L. McArdle 82 7/16/21
Peter M. Walsh 81 7/10/21
Robert J. Squires 82 7/7/21
Chester Whited Jr. 79 6/11/21
Vincent J. McIsaac 75 6/4/21
Robert Bergeron 78 4/21/21
Robert L. McDonough 77 4/18/21
Don E. Waldron 82 4/2/21
Charles F. Robinson Jr. 84 3/31/21
Robert S. Farland 77 3/15/21
William Leeman III 71 3/22/21
Jon P. Mitchell 43 3/9/21
Edward J. Whalen 78 2/27/21
Roy J. Berggren 82 2/24/21
Raymond G. Duhamel 95 2/21/21
Gerald A. Bean 80 2/23/21
Robert E. Tracey 94 1/29/21
Robert F. Grue 80 1/19/21
Charles E. Vinitsky 71 1/15/21
Russell E. MacMillan 91 1/5/21



Richard Rumble 78 12/15/20
Paul Lombardo 69 12/7/20
Vincent Vendice 91 12/4/20
Ronald Haslam 75 11/22/20
Joseph F. Feeney 79 11/21/20
Ernest C. Smith 84 10/18/20
Anthony Vinitsky 93 10/11/20
Paul Burns Sr. 73 9/24/20
Robert Fudge 82 9/19/20
Calvin Potter 77 9/18/20
Edward C. Parker 91 9/16/20
Robert Greaves 96 9/6/20
Jeffrey Honea 62 9/6/20
James L. McCarty 59 9/2/20
Daniel Dwan 80 9/2/20
Harry Jones 68 8/18/20
John H. Smith 72 7/29/20
Angelo Porcaro 95 7/19/20
John F. Green 79 7/11/20
David Clancy 55 6/21/20
Normand A. Bourgeois 79 6/13/20
Paul Canavan 82 6/12/20
Gaspare Scurti 90 6/7/20
Brian Crovetti 64 5/27/20
Michael Meehan 24 5/25/20
James S. Oliver 62 5/24/20
Nicholas Caspoli 83 5/17/20
Roland Brousseau 83 5/15/20
Robert Sturk 78 5/12/20
Joseph A. Estrella 77 5/9/20
Richard Mahoney 85 5/3/20
Philip Cannata 95 4/19/20
Wendell C. Bager 80 3/25/20
Richard L. Colantuoni 73 3/23/20
Eugene E. MacFadgen 74 3/22/20
Gaetano S. Mistretta 85 3/19/20
Master Adams 65 2/19/20
Normand R. Dumont 89 2/3/20



Eric Janssen 73 12/26/19
Joseph P. Geary II 88 12/23/19
David LeRoy Stewart 77 12/22/19
Paul R. Moll 90 12/3/19
Kyle McGonagle 41 12/2/19
James Casey 80  12/1/19
Kopel “Carl” Lajmer 96 11/30/19
James G. Boyd 78 11/30/19
Robert Beausoleil 83 11/29/19
Sean Lyons 54 11/27/19
Richard Wild 80 11/10/19
Peter Belmonte 80 11/4/19
Eugene A. Camptatelli 83 10/22/19
Brian P. Costello 72 10/16/19
James A. Painten 103 9/28/19
Samuel P. Volpe 96 9/27/19
Michael P. Walsh 8/27/19
Scott Nilsson 67 8/20/19
Edward M. Mack 70 8/18/19
Raymond “Ray” Nash, Jr. 8/9/19
Donald W. Kay 68 8/7/19
Frank E. Garland 83 7/6/19
Ronald E. Morrissey 84 7/1/19
Brian D. Daigle 41 6/26/19
Norman J. Gregoire 72 6/20/19
William Henkel 6/10/19
Robert A. Mullikin 77 5/26/19
Michael R. Nelson 27 5/18/19
Joseph Andrew O’Brien 86 5/11/19
Gary Jarvis 79 4/30/19
Edward J. Hammond 84 4/24/19
George C. Deveau 74 4/12/19
Kenneth Henry Christiansen 79 3/11/19
Renaldo “Ren” Mauritson 88 2/27/19
Glenn A. Fernandez 40 1/30/19
Robert F. Boucher, Sr 79 1/28/19
George Moore 84 1/18/19
Paul Kavanagh 78 1/17/19
Thomas Mullane 80 12/31/18
Alfred Johnson 79 12/27/18
Joesph A Baer 89 12/9/18
Leonard Maclellan 75 12/4/18
Howard Silva 72 11/17/18
Richard Bickford 76 11/9/18
Robert C Roach 83 11/6/18
Lawrence Abruzzese 80 11/5/18
Kevin Long 37 10/27/18
Joseph J Nigro 68 10/24/18
Robert Keane 83 10/13/18
Eugene Brown 86 10/9/18
Maurice Michaud 86 10/2/18
Arthur Jacobson 73 10/1/18
James Glover 58 9/25/18
Daniel Daly 78 9/9/18
Lawrence Mccauley 62 9/6/18
Anthony Martin 76 9/2/18
Arnold Wilson 87 8/25/18
Frederick J Benoit 65 8/25/18
Donald Roche 62 8/25/18
Pierre Michaud 79 7/22/18
David Geever 75 7/7/18
Gregory Shea 70 6/7/18
Charles Boyd 73 5/30/18
Henry Kosior 78 5/22/18
Paul F Briggette 84 5/10/18
Andrew Williams 83 5/8/18
John Leavit, Jr 94 4/30/18
James Harwood 96 4/20/18
Charles Geary 54 4/13/18
Bernard Nee 79 2/7/18
Lucien Dlugosinski 94 1/20/18
Nelson Kessler 85 1/12/18
Frank Mancusi 98 1/8/18


Ernest A Pinciaro 74 12/29/17
Robert F. Phalen 84 12/16/17
Albert J Oliverio 94 12/7/17
Richard G Chabot 74 10/31/17
Stephen A. Schiano 68 10/19/17
Anthony L Peters 75 10/14/17
Roy L Slocum 79 10/7/17
Michael W Teed 39 10/1/17
Henry M Sacco 76 10/1/17
Douglas E Clarke 63 9/30/17
James McPhee 66 9/30/17
Barry Wong 91 9/11/17
John Belbin 76 8/13/17
Peter Cabot Neily 80 7/24/17
Robert C Bruen 72 7/12/17
James P Freitas, II 40 6/29/17
Nicole F Linscott 39 6/22/17
David McHugh 77 5/19/17
Joseph M Serafini 67 6/11/17
William Turner 93 6/7/17
Lloyd Light 78 5/9/17
Richard Flaherty, Sr 72 5/6/17
Harvey D Morris 87 2/24/17
Frank Rogers 80 4/30/17
Antonio “Tony” Buttaro 91 4/24/17
William M Nickerson 88 4/21/17
James Trubiano 57 4/10/17
Alfred N Sanborn 94 3/6/17
Harvey D Morris 87 2/24/17
Charles A Balzarini 93 2/21/17
George LaMonica 84 2/11/17
Teeli Virta 94 2/3/17
Ernest V Jean 72 1/22/17
Warren Boisvert 93 1/6/17
Laurence Wright 73 1/5/17

2023 Local 17 Scholarship Opportunities

Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 is proud to award yearly scholarship funding to our community’s eligible high school seniors and college students. Scholarships range from one-time $500 scholarships to four-year scholarships totaling $16,000.

The scholarship program is 100% funded by the membership of Local 17. Each member gives seven cents out of every hour they work to the scholarship fund. The membership of Local 17 has donated more than $2 million in scholarships to local students since 1983.

We’re proud to create opportunity for hardworking students and help put them on the path to success. These scholarships are part of Local 17’s commitment to giving back to the communities where our members live and work.

2023 Application

Click here to download the Local 17 Scholarship Application.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. All applicants must be a child, grandchild, or spouse of an active or retired NERC-SMART Local 17 member in good standing. Children, or grandchildren of deceased NERC-SMART Local 17 members are also eligible. Suspended, forfeited or withdrawal card members are not eligible to apply.

2. Only (1) one scholarship application per applicant will be accepted, all applicants must be accepted into an accredited college at the time the award is issued. Each applicant winner will only be allowed to win (1) one scholarship award per year. All current and previous 4-year scholarship winner are not eligible to apply for a scholarship until their 4-year scholarship award is fully disbursed. This gives every applicant an opportunity at winning a scholarship award.

Labor History Exam (High School Seniors only)

❖ All applicants must register online with the Mass AFL/CIO at The Scholarship exam will be administered at all Massachusetts high schools starting on Monday, February 6, 2023, through Friday, February 10, 2023. All schools will be assigned a timeframe to administer the exam, it is the responsibility of the student to check with their guidance counselor for their high school’s testing time and location.

❖ High Schools out of Massachusetts, if your school is not listed on the online registration page, then your school must register with Carla Connolly at before you can complete your online application.

❖ All applicants must then register with NERC-SMART Local 17 by emailing the completed bottom half of this letter to or by mail to NERC- SMART Local 17 Attn: Debbie Holmes 1157 Adams St 2nd Fl Dorchester, MA 02124. Applicants must be registered with NERC-SMART Local 17 & Mass AFL/CIO to receive award.

❖ The last day to apply online for the Labor History Scholarship Exam is Friday, December 16, 2022, by 5 pm.

NERC-SMART Local 17 Lottery Scholarship (College Students or High School Seniors not taking Labor History exam)

❖ All applicants must register with NERC-SMART Local 17 by emailing the completed bottom half of this letter to or by mail to NERC-SMART Local 17 Attn: Debbie Holmes 1157 Adams St 2nd Fl Dorchester, MA 02124.

❖ Last day to apply for the NERC-SMART Local 17 Lottery Scholarship is Friday, March 31, 2023.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarship programs listed are additional scholarships available to our members. They are not affiliated with the Northeast Regional Council of SMART Local 17 Lottery Scholarship or the Mass AFL-CIO Labor History Exam. Please contact the scholarship programs directly for more eligibility information and how to get applications for these scholarships.

Sheet Metal Workers Local 17

1157 Adams Street

Dorchester, MA 02124

(617) 296-1680

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