In the Granite State, we value our freedom and our families. We work hard and together, we’ve built solid, steady jobs that mean we can earn a living with our dedication and our skill.

But in states where “Right To Work” is the law, ALL working people make far less — in fact, about $10,000 less — every year. That’s because “Right To Work” actually means working for less.

We know that “Right to Work” is wrong for New Hampshire, and we need your help telling legislators to stand up for workers.

Here’s how to help:

1. Tell Senator Avard, a key vote, to vote NO on “Right to Work” legislation Senate Bill 61 (SB61) and protect New Hampshire’s working families. Call 603-271-3077 or email

2. Call and email your State Senator, telling them that SB61 is wrong for New Hampshire families.

3. Testify by Zoom at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Tuesday, 1/26 at 9 AM. Senate Bill 61 is slated to be heard at 9:30 AM. 

There will not be a Senate session to formally vote on this SB61 until 2/4, but we don’t have time to lose. Workers across New Hampshire are counting on us.