Corporations have launched an attack against New Hampshire’s hard-working families by pushing so-called “Right to Work” (RTW) legislation. This law would favor big corporations and could cost our families about $10,000 per year. It would also undermine our union’s ability to provide quality training and apprenticeship programs that benefit workers, businesses, and our communities in New Hampshire.



The “Right to Work” bill, HB61, is scheduled for a public hearing on Thursday, March 25 at 10 AM. This is our opportunity to show up, speak out, and make certain that anti-worker legislation has no place in the Granite State.
We need to act today. The State Senate voted 13-11 to pass RTW, and we need to fight hard to halt it in the State House. 
Follow the steps below to submit your testimony to the House Labor Committee:
  • Visit this link.
  • Select the date of the hearing: March 25.
  • Select the committee: “House Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services.”
  • Choose the Bill: “10:00 am – SB61.”
  • Select the appropriate option for the “I am” dropbox (likely “Member of the Public”)
  • Fill in the content box under “I’m Representing” with the business, organization, or group you are representing. If you are representing yourself only, write “myself.”
  • Check the circle stating “I oppose this Bill.”
  • If you wish to speak during the hearing to present your testimony, check the box next to “I Wish to Speak on this Bill.”
  • Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page to enter your contact information and submit your opposition and/or request to testify.
You may also submit written testimony to the House Labor Committee. Send your comments to:

Not sure who your elected official is? Find them here: