Brothers and Sisters,

The facts are clear: workplace fatalities are about 49% higher in so-called “Right to Work” states. Injuries on the job also skew higher in these states.

We’ve fought hard over decades for solid, steady jobs with safety as a top priority on all worksites. We don’t want to go backward, to the days of people regularly sustaining injuries that permanently impact quality of life and the ability to work.



Corporations see us as interchangeable cogs. And unions are the sole remaining organized voice pushing back on their view. When “Right to Work” rolls in, union voices on safety are minimized. We lose the power to fight back on reduced safety standards and reduced training. We lose the collective strength we have built to protect ourselves, our bodies, our families over the years.

We can’t let that happen in New Hampshire – join in calling your state representatives to say “Don’t put my safety at risk. Vote NO on so-called ‘Right to Work’ legislation.”

Find your representative’s contact information.

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In Solidarity,


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Bob Butler
Business Manager
Sheet Metal Workers Local 17