We all know that SMW17 members are the best sheet metal workers in the nation, but you may not know that thanks to our CPR/AED training, many are also saving lives.

Fourth-year apprentice Ryan Dacey makes us proud to call him Brother.

Ryan was recently at a job on the 40th floor of a new construction site in Boston. As a crane lifted materials, a piece of metal struck another workers, severing his artery. Although the man was bleeding profusely, Ryan remained calm and jumped into action.

Armed with the CPR and First Aid training he received through Local 17, Ryan quickly ripped off his belt and used it as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding. He then removed his shirt, which he used to bind the laceration.

Ryan Dacey, center, receives honor from Business Manager Bob Butler and CPR and First Aid Instructor Dan Hardy.

Dan Hardy, Local 17’s CPR and First Aid instructor, says that Ryan is a hero. “Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Ryan Dacey stepped forward without hesitation,” Hardy says. “In a situation like this, you need a well-trained person who can improvise. Ryan did just that.”

It’s perhaps no surprise that Hardy has prepared dozens of SMW17 members to handle life and death situations: He learned CPR in the Marines during his combat survival training in Vietnam.

There are lots of reason to join a union – industry-leading wages and benefits, world-class skills training, solidarity – but none more important than our commitment to upholding the highest safety standards on every job site.

For additional information or questions on Local 17 CPR training and certification, contact Dan Hardy at danielhardy68@gmail.com