Local 17 Members Donate $1,000 of Food to GBLC Food Drive

When working families need help, Local 17 is always there to lend a hand. This past Saturday, our members showed up for our Brothers and Sisters in Local 26, donating $1,000 of food as part of the Greater Boston Labor Council's Union Food Drive. I want to thank each...

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Get Out the Vote for Joe Biden

Brothers and Sisters, In these tough times, we need a leader who’ll do more than just talk. We need a leader who’ll stand with workers and fight for us every day. The choice couldn't be more clear. Cast your ballot today for Joe Biden to protect our jobs and defend...

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Tomorrow: Vote for Joe Biden and Union Champions

Brothers and Sisters, Tomorrow’s election is one of the most important in history, and it's on us to make a difference. When we vote, we decide the future of our country and our unions. And in these difficult times, we need a leader who’ll stand with workers. That...

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Fight back to protect workers & benefits

The Trump Administration just announced a new plan to gut workers' rights. The Department of Labor is proposing a new rule that would make it easier for employers to classify workers as "independent contractors." This rule would allow more employers to deny workers...

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Join SMART’s Phone Bank for Joe Biden

Brothers and Sisters, This election, we have the chance to protect unions and working families. Retirement security, prevailing wages, new infrastructure projects, and the future of unions are all on the ballot this fall. That's why SMART is hosting phone banks to...

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Wednesday, October 14th: Special Order of Business Meeting

***ALL BARGAINING AREAS*** Dear Brothers and Sisters: Please be advised there will be a “Special Order of Business” meeting to hear reports from the Jointly Administered Funds of the Annuity, Equality, Health & Welfare, J.A.T.C., Local Pension and General Fund. This...

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Help Win Union Jobs in Braintree

Brothers and Sisters, We’re standing together to win great union jobs this week. The Town of Braintree is voting on a tax override on Saturday, September 26 to build a new middle school. If the measure passes, this project will create new jobs for our members under...

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