More jobs under “Right to Work?” I don’t think so!

Brothers and Sisters, Big corporations are pushing “Right to Work” (RTW) legislation in New Hampshire, arguing that the legislation will boost job growth statewide. However, there's no solid evidence to support such claims. Even Stanley Greer, a spokesman for the...

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Rally on March 1: Amazon doesn’t need a handout

Brothers and Sisters, Don't let Jeff Bezos turn North Andover into North Amazon! For 50 years, the 110 acres of land in North Andover that Amazon wants to take over housed a business that provided good-paying, middle-class jobs and benefits to area residents. Amazon,...

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COVID-19 Vaccine Access Expanded

Brothers and Sisters, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is expanding access for COVID-19 vaccinations. Individuals 65 years or older and individuals with two or more qualifying medical conditions can now schedule a COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to find a vaccination...

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Safety at risk with so-called “Right to Work”

Brothers and Sisters, The facts are clear: workplace fatalities are about 49% higher in so-called "Right to Work" states. Injuries on the job also skew higher in these states. We've fought hard over decades for solid, steady jobs with safety as a top priority on all...

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Read the Winter 2021 Edition of the Local 17 Newsletter

Brothers and Sisters, Hope you are having a great week so far. The Winter 2021 edition of the Local 17 newsletter is now available online below. Read all about our project forecast for 2021, new partnerships, and our transition to the SMART Northeast Regional Council....

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Our hard-working families DO NOT deserve a $10,000 pay cut

Our hard-working families DO NOT deserve a $10,000 pay cut

Brothers and Sisters, We must act today to protect our families and our working conditions. Together we have worked hard to build steady jobs for our families in New Hampshire. Now, proponents of so-called "Right to Work" (RTW) are spreading misinformation, claiming...

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